Our Registry Looks Normal but has a twist.

Getting married a little "later" in life, we tend to be a little more established than if we were in our twenties when we were scrounging donations together to form our furniture and living needs. While we haven't reached the point of buying a house near the beach yet... and I do say yet... we do have all the nice things our little rental apartment can squeeze in that we need at this point. We do, however, plan on replacing almost all of it once we find ourselves moving into our first house together in a few years.


So our choices were to register for everything we thought we would want to put into a house we haven't seen and then rent a large, expensive storage unit to put it all into or setup our registry at OUR WISHING WELL. We chose the latter because while we're not at the point of accepting the physical gifts, we will look forward to investing your registry gifts so that when our time comes, we will look back on our list of gifts and know that our new home and it's contents was made possible with your help.

Thank you so much. Please remember that love and warm wishes is more than enough for us!


Due to popular demand, we decided to do a "normal" registry for you as well...


-- 1. Click Here to be taken to our registry at Bed Bath and Beyond (www.bedbathandbeyond.com). Enter either of our names or the registry #3580705.


--2. Click Here to be taken to our registry at Sur la Table. Enter either of our names or the registry #400699168669. Just a couple of items here that Bed Bath and Beyond didn't have...


--3. Visit our registry at the link below and type in the grooms name (Richard Berman) to find our registry if you'd like to donate towards a different idea.

Our Wishing Well


Maybe Our Poem Will Explain This One Better

She’s all moved in,
with no room to spare,
our home has been made,
with love and care.

Most things we need,
we've already got,
And in our home,
we can't fit a lot!

It all helps us,
down the road,
a dishwasher or a house,
can be a heavy load.

To save you shopping,
looking and buying,
a gift of currency,
we thought you'd like trying.

A wishing well,
we thought would be great,
But please don't feel pressured,
to participate,

Don't go overboard,
or rob any banks,
anything will make us smile,
with our hearts full of thanks.

Once we've replaced,
the old with the new,
We can look back,
and say it was thanks to you!