Privacy Policy; we at (Andrea & Richard) have the utmost respect for your privacy and we will not be sharing any details that you pass on to us while making reservations for our wedding. Of course we will be passing it on to the resort in a neatly compiled stack as we get your information to us but no one else. We won't even share this information with your wife , husband, or kids!


Seriously, being that I (Richard) am the wedding coordinator, the hotel has requested that to make everyone's life easier, that all my guests fill out the reservation form and send it to me. Then, I will compile all of the guests' forms and present them to the hotel with a rooming list of who will arrive when, what rooms they want, how many people, etc. So, considering I am the sole owner and builder of this website and I'm not doing this for a profit, you have no worries about any privacy issues.


See? Isn't this better than if we went to some wedding website that has access to everything you do?